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About me

Hi, I'm Rinke Riezebos

I'm a (Bio)medical informatics student at the University of Amsterdam/University of Toronto.

I am currently in my last year of my masters and working on my Scientific Research Project as an intern @ JMIR

In my spare time I develop websites, web-apps, like to make music or to travel.

Since the end of 2013 I keep a blog of all my travel experiences and my experiences as a Medical informatics student. Please explore this website (which will expand over time) and my blog to get to know more about me.


All photos on this website (background images) are taken during one of my travels in life. All images are copyrighted, please contact me if you wish to use the images for any purpose, so I can send them in higher definition and we can figure something out.


In the world where almost everything is available on the Internet and people share lots of information,
I decided to create an overview and bring all my (contact) information on the web together on one page.


If you want to contact me please send an email through the form below.